Sunday, August 2, 2015

Chip Truck #5: Hippy Chippy

Hippy Chippy is not local to us in Whitby, but is located south of Fowler's Corners, at the intersection of  Stuart Line, North Monaghan Parkway (Country Rd15) and Highway 7.  West of Peterborough, we got to it when we were going north on the 115, and got off at Exit 45B (not 45A which only goes south on 7).  Head north. It might seem long at first, but you're there in no time (you're not going all the way to Fowler's Corners, which is 11km).   If you're heading south on the 115, get off at Sir Sanford Drive, which become North Monaghan Parkway on the west side of Peterborough.  Then you can head south on 7 to get back on the 115. Edit--the second visit, we were coming south on the 115, but got off at the Fowlers Corners exit rather than take SSD through the city.
This is one of those places that mainly the locals know, and with good reason.  Be sure to also visit Gerri's Craft Warehouse for lots of deals on Crayola products, including individually priced crayons and markers!  And say hi to my cousin Jenn!

Yes, that's how I found out about this delightful truck.  Extra bonus, Jenn's daughter, Jasmine works in the chip truck!!  How cool!  I never get to see them often enough, so this is a nice treat.  Another bonus, Jenn lets dogs come in the store!

We ordered a poutine and fries.
 We ate quite a bit already, LOL.  Sooo yummy!  Real cheese curds!  Good gravy!  Lucy says the gravy was really good, but she doesn't really like gravy, so she had only a few.  There were lots of the little bits of french fries, which are my favourite ones.  These were more than enough for the three kids and I.  By kids, I mean my 15, 12 and 9 year olds that all weigh about 122lb, LOL!

There is ample seating here, although some of the tables are on a bit of a hill.  My only comment would be they don't open until 11:30am.  I think that should be pushed back to 11am.  We went on a Friday, got there just before noon, and it was starting to pick up.  I would have liked to have made it there a bit earlier, but I didn't get packed up soon enough.  Jasmine was working alone, but that didn't seem to delay it much.  There was a large order just before ours so we did have to wait for that to clear out of the fryers, I guess.

I seriously recommend you take the detour on your next trip to cottage country.  Enjoy!

They have a  Facebook page: 

Edit--we stopped in again, and didn't take pictures!  I forgot that these pictures weren't all that great.  However, the poutine and fries were once again, out of this world.  The gravy is heavenly, the cheese curds were the perfect size to melt and be easily shared (rather than a few large curds, we prefer smaller curds since we share).  My only complaint was that pop is $1.50 and they don't have Diet Coke, LOL.  And we would have like some shade.  And maybe a water bowl fill up for the dog.

UPDATE---Hippy Chippy announced during the off season that they had sold the truck! :( I don't know if there's new owners. I will try to find out.

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rach mcardle said...

Hi Tracy! I'm Rachel from Rachel's chips and cones! I had not seen your review until now! I have looked for food bloggers around Durham and did not find very many (reviewing chip tricks, etc). Could you please contact me as I have a couple questions for you!

Thank you :)