Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chip Truck #12---Island Fries (Port Perry)

I don't get to Port Perry very often, but a friend who lives on the island suggested this truck.  So when we took our new boat to Lake Scugog to test it out, I knew we had to try the chip truck.  It was busy, so that's usually a good sign.

Sorry, no pictures.  I was too busy enjoying it!

The man running the window is from down east--as noticed by my youngest when he said "poo-tin" instead of "poo-teen".  She asked him and he confirmed it.  The man behind us said he was from "Bat Hurt" and that confused my girl until I reminded her about the French's lack of "th" and that he was really from Bathurst LOL.

My husband got a cheeseburger.  There was an impressive array of toppings.  However, when the burger arrived, it didn't have all his toppings. There was some confusion in the back and it was cute hearing them bicker.  He got his burger a few minutes later, but it felt much longer in the hot sun.  NO SHADE!

His cheeseburger was awesome.  I immediately wished I had gotten one.  Next time.  There were some other good looking options on the menu too.  I don't remember if we got onion rings. 

If you're going through Port Perry, or want a nice drive somewhere, check it out.  At the corner of Highway 7A and Island Rd, where the traffic lights are.  There is also a bakery with gluten free products and antiques.  Lots of parking, though if you have a boat, take a peek as you drive up to figure out where you want to park as it's a bit narrow for a full U-turn.