Thursday, June 13, 2019

Road Trip 2018: Day 5

This was Monday. I've been looking at my pictures, trying to figure out what we did. Cheryl remembers being hung over, so we didn't do much LOL. I have these pictures:

 Enjoying a coffee in the screened in porch and noticed this little guy

 At some point we went out. Not sure where, but I just mentioned "We should go to a Krispy Kreme". Well, that was entered into the GPS and within minutes we were at a Krispy Kreme. They were SO good! I rarely eat doughnuts here, but I'd eat those again! And we did, later in the week LOL.
Cheryl bought these peel off masks for us all. I won't post the group shot LOL

 Ah, why not? It was fun.
 And I missed this photo from the Sunday when we were walking around.