Friday, February 15, 2008

How to Care for a Baby

Note--in case you don't 'get it', these are meant to be humourous, not suggestive!

And for those who love their motorbikes and dread getting a minivan:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Had to Share!

I just couldn't resist posting this picture of Megan. I'm starting to 'do' her hair in an attempt to keep food out of it, LOL. The back of her head didn't look so great, but by gosh, is the front ever cute!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More News About Human Milk

I sometimes go to a Yahoo thing called "Yahoo Answers" or maybe it's "Yahoo Questions" I don't know. I posted the question--"If women know breastmilk is best, then why do so many choose not to use it?" Of course, there are the smartypants who say "What about the moms with cancer or who die in childbirth" but c'mon, really....that doesn't account for a miserable 70% breastfeeding rate. Others say "What about the ones who just weren't able?". Well, I know some women who 'just weren't able' and I know some women who spent their whole waking time trying everything possible to succeed and then were 'just not able'. Even putting these two groups together, that's still only 10% of moms who are medically exempted. I was inquiring about the other 20%. The ones who say "It's my choice to feed what I want" or "Formula is fine or else it wouldn't be sold in mass retailers".
I just don't get it. If they KNOW it's the best choice, and biology has made it so they have to choose to NOT breastfeed, then why not choose to? You can always change you mind later, after really giving it a try for at least 6 weeks. So many women give up at the first sign of trouble in the first couple weeks....if they would only perservere through a rough patch it WILL get easier. But the ones who sadden me are the ones who claim they know what's best, and yet their babies don't get even one drop of breastmilk.