Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cruise 2011: Home Day

Somehow, I let Rob convinced me to do the early walk off disembarkment.  We didn't have an early flight (around noon), but we hadn't been able to do online check in for our flights on board and he wanted to get to the airport early (you're supposed to be there 3 hours early).  It was our first time doing walk-off, and it was definitely a lower-stress way to get off....but SO darn early!  We got to the airport (by 6:45am I think) and to the WestJet area and they were closed.  And, there were no computers to do self-check in!  They weren't going to open till 9am; even with the time slot we were supposed to disembark in, we would have been way early.  However, people did start lining up!  We got checked in, had some food, did some shopping.  Sat and sat and sat.

I don't remember much about the flight.  I assume it went well, LOL.  The weather was rainy when we took off and that scared me a little, but the weather was nice in Toronto.  A long wait in customs when we arrived, but it was nice to be home.
It was nice to be home in the day, though we were starving by the time we got home!   Must remember that it can take a while to get through customs, if we ever take the kids!