Saturday, September 4, 2010


Upon reading the last post about my very quick recap of 2009, I forgot Rob's car accident. That was the first weekend in Oct; it took till mid-March to get a court date which was set for Aug 12. All went well. I'm sure there's plenty other things I could have written about. The thing is, it's much easier to post pictures on Facebook, and for people to leave comments. But here, you can write more and put the pictures into the writing. It just takes longer to get the pictures loaded to Blogger. Five at a time? They need to change that!

There's a new feature on Blogger that lets you look at your stats. You can see how many people read which posts, where they're from, how they got here. The two most popular posts for this blog are the ones about Montego Bay and Labadee. Over 90 page views each. This is so cool to see how people get here. Feel free to leave a comment at anytime!