Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life with a Spirited Child

Aaaaargh.  It's been another one of those mornings.  Having had children with speech and language delays, sensory processing disorders, and now potentially ADD, it's hard to know when it's one of those coming through, or lack of sleep ("Sleepy Bugs") or hunger ("Hungry Monster"), or their "spirited" personality.

 Today was a good example.  She (Megan) was tired (busy weekend away at her first synchro skating competition and three late nights since then), and then couldn't find ANY socks that were her's in the clean laundry.  Well, there were her socks, but not the match for the one she wanted (I throw all the kids socks in a basket on the shelf, and when I get a chance, I match them up, or make them).  I think I've seen a match for that one sock....once.  However, there are dirty socks on the couch, on a kitchen chair, in the basement (that's a popular spot), on the stairs....finally, two matching, acceptable socks were found.

Then it was "I need something to eat!".  I don't usually make her breakfast, I'm busy making lunch which is more predictable and routine.  She settled on corn flakes, but I didn't know how much to pour.  While checking the bowl out, she saw I had put brown sugar on.  That was WRONG!  What kid doesn't want brown sugar on their corn flakes?!

Then she remembered about her e-reader.  The school is participating in "Battle of the Books" and this year, she can take part, and now the books are on e-readers.  She took in her Sony e-reader, hoping to get the book put on it, but the tech guy said he couldn't.  Last night she was reading, and came down saying she was on page 30 of 40 for the chapter but suddenly the box at the bottom came up and she didn't touch anything but now the line spacing was different and there was only 37 pages in the chapter and it wasn't where she left off.  Since it was late, I said we'd look at it in the morning.

So, in the mad rush of morning, here I am trying to get the chapter to  have 40 pages, by changing the font size and the line spacing.  I get it to 40 pages, but page 30 is not where she was.  So, I fiddle with it to make the font and spacing look like it did before, but now there's only 36 pages and page 30 is not where she was.  She was getting really agitated, and I tried to explain that those numbers really don't matter, as long as she can find where she was.  She was really headed towards a meltdown.
This is one of the things we deal with frequently, with her.  Her idea/belief that something is a certain way and no discussing it will change her mind.  Her synchro coach told the team to come to the show with their hair done a certain way.  Then she sends an email saying the team will do it together before the show.  This caused a major meltdown.
All she could say about where she was in the book was that it mentioned "Mr Brunner" so I scrolled around to find his name somewhere after where I had left off last night.  That was the spot, but it was not page 30 of 40.  Argh.  Finally, she relented and took it.

The alarm to go get coats and boots on sounded.  That's usually when she realizes she needs money/forms signed/different socks/gym shoes in a different size/secret Santa gift, etc.  Some of these things could be avoided if I'd remember to check her agenda when she gets home from school....but due to her language, that's not always easy to understand.  And I think I might have ADD too :)

Today could have been much worse, and many mornings are.  She can be difficult to understand, verbally, and that just makes it even harder.  Put it all together, and whoa.  Why is it the parents of these kids are exhausted but the kids themselves never seems to need sleep?!