Friday, July 12, 2013

The Allure of the Seas: Deck 7 Overview

Well, there's not much to write about this deck!  At the stern, is the rock climbing walls.  They advertise how there's two walls on this ship, but we had the same issue as before--scheduling!  We never did get around to trying them.    The kids' section looked good though!

 You can just barely see the round windows between Johnny Rockets and the lowest row of balconies.

 Those are some pretty sweet suites to the right of the rock climbing wall!

The rest of this deck is cabins.  There are a few cabins that have views of the Boardwalk and Royal Promenade, but no balcony, and then there is a whole block of inside cabins near the bow.  The cabins right at the bow...I can't figure out the colour coding in the book, but the plans show them being totally inside the ship, and I don't see how those bow windows actually meet up with the rooms, considering the slope of the front of the ship....
They either must have a very sloping wall in the cabin, or it's a false front on the ship.  Anyone actually know?