Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Chip Truck Review: Woody's (Apsley)

I don't know how long Woody's has been at the corner of Highway 28 and County Rd 620 near Apsley, ON. Rob and I were heading up to Bancroft alone so we decided to stop in.

The parking is okay if you don't have a trailer. If there's no room on the edge of the road, keep going up the road to the municipal office. It's not far and you'll want the exercise.

There's lots to see outside, and dogs are allowed outside and they have water bowls. The food set up is a little different though. As you come around the building, you might notice the food shack off the deck. That's the Order Pick up window. You order at a window at the back of the main store building.
 The onion ring price is a smidge higher than other places last year. The burgers are customizable!
I didn't care for the fries. They were good, but I like them done more. Rob liked them. I really enjoyed the onion rings though! Rob didn't LOL. 

The burgers are handmade patties. Not sure how big it actually is, but it's a good size. It was tasty too. Not dry like homemade burgers sometimes are. 

I'd stop here again, if I need a burger. For a quick snack, maybe not. But I'm the odd one out in my family and they like fries like these. Lots to see outside but with young kids it could be a challenge to keep them off the sculptures. Great gift ideas here though and worth a little visit. Local artisans, etc. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Back to High School

It took over a week to get another job. I see in my records I had some days, and part days, blocked off; not sure why. The call came in for secondary music at Lucy's school. Lucy was taking music but this was for the other music teacher, who Lucy had had back in grade 9. Lucy thought she did special ed as well, and knew she had a dance class this semester. I emailed the teacher to let her know I'd be in, in case she wanted to change her lesson plans.

This teacher had been off since the start of the semester. She received her 3rd concussion the day before the start of the semester and was having a hard time recovering. I would be covering grade 9 music, drama, and 10/11 dance. Oh my.

I got to the school--my first time at this school, finally! The desk was a little chaotic, with lesson plans, handouts, attendance sheets, notes from other supplies. Music would be fine, the dance class was already working on things, but grade 9 drama? Oh boy. Luckily that period was the drama teacher's prep, so she came to help. This class looked like they had checked out already. Students must get one arts credit--music, drama, or art--and the options vary at each school (ie--some schools have gr 9 guitar).  A lot of students take drama because no prior skill or talent is required so they assume it's going to be easy. It's not seen as an actual subject, I think. I don't even know anything about the academic side of drama!

The dance class was to meet on the stage. I got attendance done, and was to show a video. How? There's no projector or screen on the stage. You have to access the sound booth above the cafeteria. Luckily the students have Chromebooks and Google Classroom and the links were in there. Most of the girls went to other locations to work on their assignments. I felt bad not knowing exactly where everyone was but know from my own kids that this freedom in high school is totally normal.

The grade 9 music class was good. They had some experience already. I got to help one girl with flute fingerings for a note she just couldn't get. She said she didn't get much instruction at her elementary school. She told me which one and I was surprised. I had been there and it looked like they had a good music program!

High school days are weird. The prep always feels so long, classes can either feel long or just the right length and lunch is way too short. When I was in high school, our lunch was used as another slot for classes--so there were five equal periods through the day. Now, lunch is half that length. It's not enough, especially since this school is not located near any businesses and it takes a solid 10 minutes just to walk to the closest houses!

No one knew how long this teacher would be off for, the rumour was at least to March Break. I let the booking secretary know I was available! Though I didn't really want a full time position right now, I could handle a couple weeks....