Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2009/2010 Review

I know I never finished my review of last year. So here it is. House hunting sucked. Packing sucked. The PODS were great, after getting a replacement for the one that leaked. The mortgage lady at the big-name bank, sucked. And cost us lots of money due to her ignorance of her job. Closing day sucked because of the people buying the house of the people buying our house. They couldn't get their down payment to their lawyer on closing day to close that house which meant that our house couldn't close which meant we couldn't close on the new house. The PODS had left before we knew this. We had NOTHING except a colouring book and a hot tub. Some people might have gone skinny dipping in the hot tub. Rob had to work the next day so we finally hit the road during rush hour and crashed at his parents for the night...no pajamas, toothbrushes, or anything. Finally I got the house keys the next afternoon and we started moving in. Found out quickly the roof was more rotten than thought. Then we found out the gas woodstove in the basement wouldn't light and when we lit a wood fire upstairs, the basement filled with smoke. The shed in the backyard was rotten, the swingset nearly fell over. Every faucet leaked. There's no studs in the basement walls. The deck was horribly built. Rebuilding the deck caused the slow water leak in the basement to become a flood during a week of monsoons. Our dog got sick for the first time in December, got better, then died on Christmas Eve. I had a massive tooth infection and got a neck ultrasound and found out I have a thyroid problem (nodular goiter) and enlarged lymph nodes and plaque in the carotid artery. A routine eye exam showed plaque in the blood vessels of the eyes and she said to see my doctor to get my carotid arteries examined. I am at risk for glaucoma and didn't get a total pass on the field vision test. I saw a cardiologist and had an extensive stress test and carotid artery ultrasound and he said everything was fine and clear but I need a different hypertensive medicine. I bought a home blood pressure monitor and my readings at home are WAY lower, much lower than typical 'white coat syndrome' can explain. I still have to wait till the end of October to see an endocrinologist.

Gee. Have I forgotten anything? We got a puppy; nephew of our dog that died. Sigh. I feel like I've been on a merry-go-round and need to get off. Soon.