Friday, January 15, 2010

So This is 2010.

I have a (step) aunt who sends out a wonderful yearly letter of her family's adventures that year. It's always filled of trips and cruises, the success of their business, and what their kids are up to. We know their life is not perfect, but for 15 minutes while reading the letter, it sure seems like it.

I keep thinking I should write one too. But keep the real stuff in it. Let's see. How did 2009 go for the Mainwarings of Orangeville, now Whitby?

We had a massive snow storm at the end of January, after having a fairly mild Christmas.
Meg's fashion sense continued to evolve.

And Daddy did his first and only hair cut on one of the girls.
FebruaryMeg explored the world of make up. And got a 'real' big-girl haircut.

We went to Bancroft to 'celebrate' the creation of the newest statuatory holiday "Family Day" which co-incided with my mom's birthday. If you look through the bush, you can see the 4 wheeler out on the pond, with Rob and probably the two girls.

We went for an evening walk around the neighbourhood. Almost all the snow we got at the end of January melted.

One happy participant; one not-so-happy one. Rob grew a goatee for Valentine's Day. I made him the hat for Valentine's Day. Guess which one has lasted longer?In early February, Rob got another job interview with OPG (Ontario Power Generation, the portion of the former Ontario Hydro that deals with power generation management--they create and run the power sources, but Hydro One actually delivers the power). This time, it was in downtown Toronto. They wanted to set up the appointment quite quickly so we thought things would move along quickly. After travelling from his parents' house in Oshawa to downtown Toronto by GO Train and subway, Rob was pretty sure he didn't want to work downtown. They seemed pleased with the interview though.
I'm going to leave off here as I forgot to upload the pictures in reverse order and it takes too long to rearrange them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sami---Singer 327

Sami left a comment (not sure why this blog and not my knititng one) asking if the Singer 327 has a built in knit contour. It does! I haven't used it, but I do have patterns for it. I'm hoping I'll have room in my new studio space to have it set up all the time and finally learn to use all the features. There is a (bad) picture of the machine on my other blog and the knit contour is the black roller on the left side of the machine.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I can't believe my last post was Nov. 24!!! A LOT of things happened in December, mostly crummy, and I had lots of fodder for posts, but between Facebook, life, Ravelry, and my other blog, this one just got a little neglected. Sometimes I need time to digest things before I start blabbering away on my blog too, LOL.

The kids started back to school today, so finally I can use the computer again! I have a long list of things to do now that I have my kidless time back in the afternoons, so it may be a couple days till I get back here again. Hang tight (or check me out on Facebook, LOL).