Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cruise Day 7: At Sea

Day 7, Saturday, was the last cruise day, and it was a 'Sea Day'. It's a great time to check out all the things you never got to on the 'Port Days'. Or, just relax. We managed to sleep in a little, and then headed out to the Royal Promenade ("Main Street") to check out some of the happenings on our way down to the theater for a backstage tour. I really wanted to do this as I was very impressed with the stage shows. Some of the crew came on stage and introduced themselves, and we found out that the reason we got to hear Tragically Hip and other Canadian music before the stage shows was because the chief sound guy was from Ontario :) We got to go on stage, and around back with some of the dancers/singers. There is NOT a lot of room, and some of the costumes were hanging up. This one is from one of the parades the dancers do on the Royal Promenade at night.
This is a backdrop from one of the stage shows.

This is a harness that is worn during a wall climbing act at the start of the magic show. The 'dancer' can spin 360 degrees within the harness. It is NOT very light!!

This is the view of the theater, from the stage. It's quite large, but I'm not sure how many it holds. There's about 3600 guests, and most shows have two show times to accommodate the two different dinner seating times.

We went directly from the theater to the ice rink. Even at the end of our second cruise, we still had trouble remembering which way to get into the rink. You can't walk end-to-end on our deck (2) or the ice rink floor (3), and we just could never remember which way to go, LOL. The skate time is only 45 minutes, but those rental skates were hurting me!

I would have liked to skate every day, but it just wasn't possible with shore trips. There wasn't skating in the evenings, and there were other things going on.

After lunch (and possibly a 'rest' LOL) we headed up to the pool deck. This is my great cover up that I made. Hopefully someday I'll make something that involved on the Singer 327 again.

Sadly, I don't recall what we did, except maybe just lounge around and relax. The sun was gearing up for a great sunset....but at the last minute, a cloud appeared out of no where!! We were surprised at how early the sun set, it was only about 30 minutes later than at home. There was a Farewell Show in the theater at 7pm, it was great, and once again, I wish we had bought the DVD of our trip! The rest of the evening was spent packing (bags have to be out by 11pm) and settling the bill (once again they changed how we wanted the charges changed to Canadian! And this time they wouldn't fix it, so it cost us something like 2% extra, even though we had made certain to check the right box!!)

This is one of the floor plan models found around the ship. The theater is the blue wedge at the front of the ship (the right side of the picture). The green areas are staterooms.

This is our waitress, Huny, and Dale's mother. Never learned her name, LOL.

And this is Dale. He says people think he looks like Bruce Willis, I thought he looked like Billy Joel, LOL.
These pictures are actually from the last morning while we waited to disembark.

I love amethysts and rocks, so I just had to take a picture. The front of the geode had been epoxyed so you couldn't chip any off, LOL.
So, this just leaves the last day, when we disembarked, and then got to meet Miami's finest at the airport.

Friday, April 24, 2009

We Interupt This Cruise bring you the great news that my old, ex-best friend from public/high school has found me on Facebook!!!!! I think she's just joined; she is using her maiden name hyphened, so I think my searches would have found her if she had been on before. I'm excited to find out what she's been up to for the past 26 years (good grief). I'm afraid my life won't seem too interesting!

Anyway...the cruise. I had a few minutes this weekend and I thought I'd make a list of all the Labadee pictures I wanted to post (it works best to load them in reverse order of how you want them to appear). I remembered that when I had tried to write the post about Labadee, Blogger screwed it up. So, imagine my surprise when I logged in and found that somehow I had already journaled the Labadee day! I honestly do not remember getting it fully written and posted! So now I just have the last cruise day and the last day to write about. Almost done journalling, and now I'm ready for another trip, LOL. There is SO much going on in our lives right now that I have missed blogging about, but perhaps it's been good to just keep it to ourselves :)