Monday, July 29, 2019

Chip Truck Review---Tragically Chip Truck

Rob and I were out and had some time to kill before we had to be somewhere. As we were driving by I saw that this truck was open. I had previously reviewed "2 Guys Fries" and I wasn't too impressed. Then the chef messaged me to say he had totally changed things, and to come back. Then the truck was for sale and I don't know if it even opened last summer. My spies gave me mixed information. So I was really curious to give this truck a try.

 I thought the name was catchy. Not really sure it carried through on the theme though. It could have really been played up.
 Much smaller menu than previously. The burgers  seemed priced a little high, so I hope they're good. The combos only saved about 50 cents. We were severely limited on cash though, so we just got fries.
I believe this is a large, plus a gravy. We were quite stuffed after. And again, we had differing opinions. Rob loved these, I didn't. I must have weird ideas about French Fries. They were fluffy inside, but can you see the distinct colour changes on some of the fries? I think they weren't shaken while frying. Some had a texture I didn't like. I ate the darker ones and Rob gobbled up the other ones. I liked the gravy though I think it's a mix.

All the same details about location, ambiance, etc, apply. The lack of onion rings was disappointing. The price of the burgers compared to A&W just up the street...they better be awesome. I'm not itching to go back, though Rob said he would.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Road Trip 2018

I'm not really interested in blogging more about our roadtrip. It was a fun week. The middle of the week got so cold, no one did aquafit and the next day when we did it, the instructor (on the side of the pool) had two pairs of yoga pants, a jacket, and a toque on.

We took a long walk to the drug store. We went to Olive Garden. Great salad dressing and I've found it at Costco here. Went to a tacky souvenir shop.

 I did a glass fusion project in the activity centre. Since I didn't do it until the last day though, it had to be shipped. That took forever because they shipped it without a customs declaration on it.
We went to  Disney Springs. How much shopping does Disney need? The Christmas tree trail was pretty, but too Disney. And the wait time to see Santa was 150min. You check in, then come back later.

On the drive home we stopped at Corbin Kentucky at the first KFC.

 It was a light, wet snowfall. Then we got back on the highway and it became a blizzard and traffic stopped. We were glad we had altered our route home because the other route had had a major winter storm, in an area they don't storms. The drive through Kentucky was pretty wet. We decided to head straight up and cross at Windsor. No matter which side of Lake Eerie you're on, it's pretty dull, but we thought it'd be nice to get back into Canadian cell phone networks LOL.

We stopped for the night at Dayton, Ohio. Our second dinner at a Cracker Barrel since Nicki had enjoyed the first one a lot. In the hotel, I was looking through drawers to find another blanket. Instead, I found a bag of tiny women's clothes, with a note "I don't need these anymore, please donate or throw in the trash". Creepy! We called front desk for a blanket and gave them the clothes. I sure hope it's innocent, and not some human trafficking victim.

The hotel had a package with a made to order breakfast. It was very yummy, not truck stop food. Nicki was having some digestion issues and Cheryl went out in the night to get her some Imodium, so it was a late start to the morning.

Mom had bought a jar of Metamucil at Costco (Kirkland Brand though). Somehow it came open in the truck. Looks a little suspicious!!

The Duty Free store in Windsor has a "liquidation" section with some awesome deals and strange finds. Pretty cool to wonder through there.

Got home around 7pm and from the moment we walked in the door, well....the rest of 2018 was a downhill blur. Family health crisis, one after another.  But it was back to work for me in a day or too.