Thursday, July 6, 2017

Chip Truck #13---Poutine Krazee

Actually, we did go to a couple other trucks since my last review, but one wasn't really spectacular and the other was at a food truck festival. I was worried for this summer as there didn't seem to be anything new in Whitby. I know there's still trucks in Ajax and north Oshawa that we haven't gone to, but with gas prices, and food prices, this gets to be an expensive outing!

I was really excited to see that Kelly's Kitchen had disappeared and a new truck was in it's place. Kelly's was okay, but not exciting.  This new truck looked exciting, bright, attractive, and the name?! Poutine Krazee! How could you resist that?! I saw it in early spring, but we've had a wet, cool spring and it never felt like chip truck weather until recently. I saw them at the Whitby Food Truck Frenzy, but since they're local, my husband opted for another truck, thinking we could just run over and try them anytime.

That time came, and I messaged PK on Facebook, asking if they're always at the spot on Highway 2 or do they travel, or have a second truck for those festivals. I didn't want to head over with three hungry kids and have it not be there! Roger replied back really quickly saying that they left that spot and were focusing on travel and special events. Oh no! :( However, he was doing a corporate event in the next week and would I like to come over and try a sample?

Would I? Watch the Carnival Eats segment and tell me you don't want to sample that!  Double fried potatoes are the only way to go! Due to highschool exam week, I was able to bring my older two kids, who happen to be my pickiest. One doesn't care much for cheese, the other is just picky. I was a little worried that gourmet poutine would be out of their league. Could they handle it? We headed down to meet Roger and to find out.

Roger is definitely one of the friendliest food truck operators I've met. He answered all our questions. We were especially interested to know the "Carnival Eats!" process. We opted for three different poutines. I had the Parmesan-Garlic Bacon:
 Mmmm.  Look at that!! The fries were excellent. Top notch fries.  The garlic sauce was smooth and delicious. And freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top? Nothing shaken out a can here! This was a really nice variation on poutine without being too wild. I had been thinking about getting the Jalapeno Cheesy, but I wasn't sure if it would be "too" jalapeno-ish for me. Next time!

 My son wasn't too happy to be dragged out. He was studying for a grade 11 math exam. I don't care. When will you use grade 11 math? When will you eat poutine? Poutine education is much more importaner. (Just kidding! He's thinking about going into engineering. Poutine and math will both be very important in the next 5 years!).  He got the "Bacon Me Krazee" poutine. He felt it was a little rich for him (two types of cheese) and he had been snacking all morning during studying so he actually wasn't too hungry.
 Lucy is picky. She opted for the Cheese Poutine. We have mixed feelings on the use of shredded cheese in poutine. We love how it melts, but we also love cheese curds. So this is an awesome mix of both.
I was starving, but I will say I got defeated by this serving size! I was surprised. I think because the cheese is filling, and also I was sampling the kids'. I also wish I had a spoon. Note to self--pack a little "poutine pack" in the truck with spoon and wipes. The garlic sauce was a nice change to poutine sauce. And the double fried fries. Have I mentioned those? I don't know if a truck called "Poutine Krazee" could serve plain fries, but they should (I see in one of their FB pictures that they do and the prices are good!). The poutine sauce/gravy was also delicious. It was thicker than some trucks. Maybe it was thickening as it cooled but I think a good sauce should do that. We weren't left with "broth" at the bottom of the bowls, just sauce. However, something I noticed was that something on the poutines wasn't hot by the time we got over to the picnic area. Maybe the bacon bits, or maybe the sauce? I'm not a fan of cold bacon. Well, a bit in my Caesar salad is good, but the portion here was very generous--it was a main ingredient, not a "topping". If the bacon bits started out cold then maybe that's why the sauce cooled quickly. I wouldn't let that deter me from ordering one with bacon again though. It could simply have been a time-delay thing.

Hugh didn't eat much but said it was really good--though he felt there was too much bacon. What?! It is a bacon poutine, LOL! I left his on the counter and when my youngest got home she immediately warmed it up and gobbled it down and was mad she didn't get to come to the tasting. Oh well, sucks to be in grade six!

If you see this bright red and yellow chip truck (actually a trailer) at any event, line up. You might get lucky and there'll be a special menu item like cricket poutine. Seriously. I don't know if I can try that, but I know they're popular. I would definitely rate this as one of the top five spots for poutine. Sad we can't just drive over whenever we feel like it, but hopefully we'll see them elsewhere this summer.

I found out Poutine Krazee was going to be hanging out at a local garden centre a few weeks ago. I took my husband and youngest kid, since they missed the first tasting.

I got the one with crunchy Cheetos on top. I will admit I did pick off most of the jalapenos. I can only eat one or two at a time LOL. But I like the flavour they add. Again, the fries were awesome. You can't look at this like traditional poutine, but as an awesome edible adventure with potatoes and cheese.

I'm not sure what this one was. But it was devoured. My daughter ordered one with a summer name, I think. Except that she didn't get tomatoes on it, I think. She liked it. I thought it was a strange choice for her (it had sour cream on it), but it was her choice. She couldn't quite finish.

If you see this food truck at an event near you, GO! Roger is super nice, the food is super good and you will leave super stuffed!