Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chip Truck #9: Cobourg Beach

Alright.  This isn't exactly a chip truck, but it is a seasonal source of fries.  And Cobourg Beach is also Victoria Beach, but no one calls it that. The park around it is called Victoria Park.

My first comment...expensive.  That's the difference between a private enterprise and a town run facility, I guess.  I spent just under $20 for a medium poutine, small fries, onion rings and a slushie!  I didn't notice the Interac sign until I loaded the pictures, but that's a plus I guess...if you take your wallet to the beach, which I don't!

 I know it's hard to read, even when you click on it.
 These were the small fries.  They're normally about $3.25-$3.50 elsewhere, and here there were $4.50, and the poutine was $6.50.  The fries were good.  Not great, again they could have used another minute.
 The poutine was really good.  Nice light gravy, grated cheese that melted well and was fun and stringy!
The onion rings were good, but a lot of the wide ones, and not enough!!  They were $4.95 which is similar to other places, but the size was less.  

This was a lime-raspberry slushie.  Not huge, for $1.90.

Since the beach itself is free, your expenses for the day are parking ($2/hr and you can't get part of an hour, so we had to pay for an extra 40 minutes past when parking becomes free!) and snacks.  I wouldn't object to going to this concession stand again, but next time I'll take more of my own snacks (this was a bit of an impulse trip).  At least there were umbrellas up so you could be in shade...but there were seagulls.

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