Monday, August 3, 2015

Chip Truck Reviews

My kids really enjoy being testers for the chip truck reviews.  But we're just one family.  If you've got a favourite truck, or are in a different area of Ontario, and would like to do a review, that would be great.  I'll even offer you a discount on items from my biz, TracyKM Designs :)  It would also be great if people would leave comments on the reviews---did you try the truck because of the review?  Same experience?  Better?  Worse?  Etc.  Things like this will help get those posts noticed by Google!  Thanks!

Here is a list of trucks I'd like to get to, or get reviews for:

Ultramar in Brooklyn (Highway 7, west of Highway 12; Winchester and Baldwin) "Two Guys Fries"?
Canadian Tire, Consumers Dr at Garden St

Friar's Truk's,  On Harwood Rd, on east side, south of Highway 2 

Rachels, Simcoe St South, at Ritson Rd
"Bloor and Ritson"
Wentworth and Cedar
Blue Building at far end of east beach

Chipmonks, at Courtice Flea Market
Noftys and other trucks, Taunton Rd and ...
Double J's Double Decker Bus

Port Perry:
"Island Fries" on Highway 7 and Island Rd


If you have more to add to the list, let me know.  Even better, check it out yourself and write a little review!

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