Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chip Truck #6: The Newfie Bullet

For any Americans reading, a "Newfie" is someone from Newfoundland.  They are a people amongst themselves!

This was an impromptu visit, after being reminded about this truck on Facebook.  Located in the north end of the MidTown Mall parking lot (Oshawa), it is easy to get to, if you're mindful of those one way streets.  Lots of parking.  No shade!

Looks good.

 You can't see the Small prices there...we got a small fries $3.25 and a small poutine and a little math says the poutine was $5.00.  They offer "Newfie Fries" which she says has seasoning on them.  The first column was fries, I think the third column was "Newfie or Poutine" what was the middle?  And then down at the bottom it says (Poutine and Newfie) add 75cents....There are large spice jars in the order window, not down with the condiments.  Most places let you add some flavoured spices to your fries, but I don't know if those were the Newfie Fries spices or not.
 The poutine seemed a bit bigger than the fries.  Very good.  Surprisingly, they used grated cheese.  I do like grated cheese!  And I've learned to like gravy.  There seems to be two or three types of gravy used at these trucks. Bland, flavourful, and a bit more flavour.  These had a nice flavour, not overwhelming, but not bland.  A ton of gravy.
The fries themselves were good.  Not awesome, in our opinion.  Typical chip truck chips, a little soft, and Lucy thought they needed more flavour.  Not sure how you get flavour in your French fries...dirty fryer oil?

The two smalls were JUST enough for the four of us, for snacks.  I probably would eat a small poutine as a "meal", but it's just a little bit much (gravy wise) for me.  Perhaps I should get gravy on the side.  The small fries does two kids, but would not be enough for two adults.  But it's quite affordable, at $3.25.

Points are lost because there was no shade, only one table (although we were the only ones eating), and numerous sea gulls.  Being in a parking lot though, I guess they're hard to avoid.  There is interesting traffic to watch going in and out of the Beer Store, and a nice path along the river to burn off the carbs.  I'd go again, but wouldn't make a specific trip.  Bob's Chips is closer to me :)

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