Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chip Truck #10: 2 Guys Fries

This truck is in Brooklin, on Highway 7 (Winchester Rd), at the Ultramar just west of Highway 12 (Baldwin St/Brock St).  Easy in and out...but maybe not on a weekend in the summer or during rush hour!

There is a huge menu at this truck, with many types of fries.  We contemplated the pizza fries, but thought slices of pepperoni would be awkward.  I saw after we ordered that there were Garlic Parmesan Fries.  Mmmm.  

 We got a small poutine and an onion rings ($5).  Prices are pretty comparable to elsewhere.
 Some day I will try the deep fried pickles.  But I'm pretty picky on my pickles :) So if I don't like the pickles to start with...

I was shocked to see the poutine had shredded cheese!  Not really enough gravy.  It was flavourful though.  I was a little disappointed at how small this was...However my son said he doesnt' like poutine so it was enough.  I didn't really care for the fries though.  Too light, bland.  
However, look at those onion rings!  These were a good deal!  A $1 more than Miss Crispie, and it's hard to tell if you get more...definitely more than the Lakeside Chips.  So this one would just depend on where you are...and how much you like onion rings.  I would not make the trek up here again since Miss Crispie's is much closer to me. 2017 update: I was just at Miss Crispie's and had the onion rings. $4.50 and definitely smaller than these ones.

There were several tables with table cloths, but they needed cleaning.  No umbrellas, no shade.  Gas station for a washroom though. 

Update: Chef Robert from this truck left a comment regarding the upgrades he's made. I'm really looking forward to going back. The menu itself looks awesome, so I'm excited that the quality has been upgraded. Watch for an update!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Chef Robert. I'm just letting you know that the fries are no longer made with white potatoes. I had them switch to a waxy potato (much better for french frying, ie. Russet, Yukon Gold's, etc.). The potatoes are fresh cut, washed, blanched, steamed and then cooked at high temperature, so you get that perfect crispy fry that is fluffy inside. All the frozen food has pretty much been eliminated. Our hamburgers are now made from scratch, with fresh beef. There are delicious desserts now too, like our homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding! We are raising the bar so that your experience at "2 Guyz Fries" is anything but bland! I hope you'll check us out this summer.