Monday, August 10, 2015

Chip Truck #7: "Ritson and Bloor"

This truck is located in Oshawa, on the north-east corner of Ritson Rd and Bloor St.  The truck is labelled "Fresh Home Made Fries", but so are most chip trucks, LOL.  I know many people recommend this truck, so I was eager to try it.  Perhaps late Saturday afternoon wasn't the best time though.  Very busy.

 Prices are reasonable, $1 for canned pop is great.  I had to wait awhile to even place my order.  You can see that you are able to phone ahead, and many people seemed to.  She would take a few orders, get them going/made, then take a few more orders.  She had a behind the scenes helper, but could probably even use another person taking orders.
 Luckily, there is ample seating, and I even saw a Porta-Pottie...though I can't comment on it's condition.
 Not much on the condiments shelf.  No spices.
 We got a small fries ($3.25) and a medium poutine ($4.50).  Like the Newfie Bullet, they were on the smaller side, but the price reflects that.  The fries are chunky (not enough "baby fries"!), and very golden and "light".  We thought maybe they had just changed the oil, or that they could have cooked hotter, or for another minute.
The gravy was awesome, flavour-wise.  It was a thinner gravy (most likely from a mix), but there just wasn't enough.  Grated cheese instead of cheese curds, and there could have been a bit more.

The fries were good.  Not awesome, in our opinion.  A few seagulls, but bonus points for having a recycling bin.  The next truck I want to try is fairly close to there, and it's the other "must try" truck, so it will be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Medium poutine is 5.25 not 4.25 as you stated

Anonymous said...

Real poutine is not made with shredded cheese

TracyKM said...

Thanks Pat! Must have been a slip of the fingers.

I agree, real poutine is not made with shredded cheese. However, we have decided we like our "poutine" with either shredded cheese, or small cheese curds. Especially since we're usually sharing, this makes it easier to eat and makes the cheesey flavour go further. I think I wrote about this moral dilemma in another review LOL.
Another concern with poutine is that it's not supposed to be regular gravy. It's a special gravy just for poutine. I wonder how many chip trucks use proper poutine sauce.

Anonymous said...

The real poutine sauce is a chicken stock base such as St.Hurberts used which is not used much in Ontario and for good reason. One being it is very watery and should be used for exactly that chicken. People here and even the peoole from Quebec prefer real beef gravy which by the way is not the water and powder