Monday, July 27, 2015

Chip Truck #4: Kelly's Kitchen

I've seen this little red and white chip truck in Whitby for awhile, but wondered if it could be good, given how low key it was.  It IS quite good!

Located next to MacKay Animal Clinic, in the parking lot of a carpet store, it is easy to get to (Hickory St and Dundas St East).
 The menu is basic.  Fries, burgers, poutine, etc.  No onion rings, no deep fried pickles.  Reasonable prices.  However, the cook got our order a bit mixed up and we ended up with a medium poutine (wanted a small) and then we had to wait for our fries, which we got as a small, when originally we wanted a medium.

The poutine was quite good.  The gravy had lots of flavour; Lucy thought it was a bit spicy, but I didn't think it was spicy, just flavourful.  However, he used GRATED cheese instead of cheese curds!!!  So, it's not poutine, it's fries with gravy and melted (white) cheese.  Which is still good.  The naked fries were very good.  It was annoying to have the salt/vinegar/ketchup right at the small ordering window, but it wasn't busy.
(They'd already eaten quite a bit of the poutine before we took this picture)

Our biggest where to sit.  Not a park bench, chair, stool, nothing.  Thankfully, I have a SUV with a hatchback, and the three kids fit perfectly in the back, LOL.  It's hard to share if we were sitting in our seats in the truck.

I'd go back here if I'm downtown and need chip truck fries.  I'd make the drive up from the lakefront too, instead of going to the chip truck there (except for their onion rings).  This truck would also be good for us to pick up fries to have with dinner at home as we can zip across the back streets!

UPDATE---over the 2016/17 winter, this chip wagon disappeared, and "Poutine Krazee" appeared.  I know they travel to events, so I'm waiting to find out if this is a permanent location or just where they store the truck. The pictures look awesome though!

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