Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where Were We?

I started writing about our cruise on Nov 1, 2011, with good intentions to get it written quickly and get back to regular blogging.  No such luck!  Here's a quick recap of the past (almost) two years:

Hugh's foot healed, though x-rays revealed a small bone chip on the outside of his right foot.  He said it hurt sometimes climbing his loft bed ladder.  We all have a fear of crossing busy streets, and we're all more cautious (especially in front of Wal-Mart).
 First day of school, 2012
 First day of school, 2013
 Second attempt at a good photo...

The kids had just started at a new school in 2011 as their previous school (where they had been for the two years after our move) closed.  We enjoy the new school, Captain Michael VandenBos PS.  It's named after Michael VandenBos, a pilot with the Canadian Snowbirds (the Air Force's acrobatic plane team).  He was killed in a routine training flight back in 98 or 99. I knew Michael in high school, so I feel a good connection with the school.  The kids have had great teachers, though it hasn't been all smooth sailing. 
Meg has really advanced in her figure skating.  She got moved from CanSkate 1 to CanSkate 2, where they really start "figure skating" early in 2013.  By the end of the season (May), she was moved up to StarSkate 1.  The spring "bonus" weeks, and casual summer lessons didn't get her much further ahead, but we're back at the rink twice a week now, and she's started working on her first test piece, the "Dutch Waltz".  Last week at the club sale/swap, we found her a used Zuca bag, which is what ALL skaters carry their gear in, as well as a club sweater, so now she really looks like a real skater too!

In Sept 2012 I started a business, "TracyKM Designs".  I make all sorts of things--photo props for newborn photographers, gifts, etc.  I sew, knit, and crochet.  I try to focus on thrifted, repurposed, or upcycled materials.  It's keeping me busy and gives me a little extra cash.  Check out my sites: and
Last year I sewed a bunch of mittens which were sold in a boutique in Toronto, owned by Cherie, a friend from high school.  She didn't sell as many as I had hoped--it seemed most people wanted brighter ones than I had made; I had tried to stay fairly neutral and had had trouble finding bright sweaters (the picture shows some for the store and some I did as gifts).  I was hoping to spend this September making another pile for her, but I'm busy knitting orders!

 Reversible water bottle holders, headed to Arizona!
 A custom knit for a little baby who's mother's name is Hershi.
I was given an "inspiration" photo of a red and green hat, and the photographer wanted something more neutral.  I love this hat!

My parents moved into their "big" house, (they have two houses on their property, and had been living in the "small" house (above---it really is much bigger, but it did start out as small, most of it is at the back) while renting the big house. 

The tenant left, so they had a lot to do to fix it up.  It still needs work, since last summer my dad (and mom) spent Monday to Friday living in Kingston while Dad had cancer treatment.  He's doing fine now (though has some other health issues).  The big thing is, they both quit smoking, after 50 years!!  We have our own room upstairs, with ensuite.  All 5 of us can sleep there, or adults can sleep in another room if no one else is visiting.

For the past two summers, Rob's sister, Lou, has come to visit, bringing her daughter Nya.  This summer they brought Pawel, Lou's husband.  We had lots of fun being tourists.  Last year we went to Wonderland, Cedar Park, bowling, the kids had a sleepover...this year, we went to the CN Tower, Wonderland, Peterborough Zoo, splash pad, movie....but no sleep over LOL.  Someday when I have nothing to write about, I'll make a post, LOL.  Some pictures are on facebook; I'll add this summer's soon.

This summer, Rob's aunt and uncle from England came over and stayed with his parents.  Leon and Anne came to our wedding (1997), and again in 2007.  We didn't do a whole lot with them; we went to Canada Day at Cobourg Beach, but it was SOOO cold!  The kids went swimming, but no one else, LOL.

Summer 2012, I did a lot with the kids, taking them to beaches and splash pads because it was such a hot summer.  But this past summer zoomed by (it was one week shorter), and it rarely got hot!  Any day it was actually hot, one of the kids was either in day camp, or away, so I didn't want to do something and have one kid miss out.  Late August of 2012 I took the kids to Kingston for one night, to visit my parents, and we stayed in a hotel/motel!  The kids were so excited to stay in a motel for the first time. 

The one big thing we did this summer was go camping for the first time since 2008!  I will write about it in it's own post.

May 1, 2013 I started working as a lunch room supervisor at the kids' school.  I'm in the kindergarten rooms.  It's every other day, full day kindergarten.  On Tues/Thurs (and every other Friday) I had one classroom, but on the other days, I had two classrooms to supervise.  Then, one day, the EA (educational assistant) for a boy with autism wasn't there to feed him, and the vice-principal came in.  I guess she realized how crazy it was (I did have student helpers), because this year, there is a supervisor in each room (and it's both classrooms, every day this year).  The new JK kids are so young, LOL.

And, I guess we're up to date!

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