Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Allure of the Seas: Deck 14 Overview

Deck 14 is still mainly cabins.  The aft end is closed off and joins both sides, though there's no access from one side to the other.  Mid ship is the "card room".  Didn't check it out.

At the forward of the ship is the kids' area.  This is an amazing area for children.  There are 9 or 10 rooms, ranging from Workshop to a science lab, to a theater, to the kid club rooms.    On the Freedom ships, they share the deck space with 'the public' near Johnny Rockets.  The artist sketch of the Oasis shows the kids' area having the front deck area to themselves, however, photos of the Oasis (and my photos of the Allure) show this not to be the case.  It appears you can access the front deck by going down the long cabin hallway on either side of the ship, and there's doors that open to the front.

 This is as forward as you can get outside, though it's not the highest.  And, in a port like Nassau, you're still running back and forth to check out the maneuvering.

The kids' area on the Allure kind of made me jealous, LOL.  I wanted to play and explore.  Indeed, they do offer some adult classes, but have to pay extra and try to schedule them into your already busy day.

 There is still a kids' arcade in this area, so keep an eye on your kids' Sea Pass!  We did find the arcade on the Freedom ships to be very noisy, dark, and rather distracting to the other kid areas (it was like a hallway).  The Oasis ships also have another area on deck 15, in the "teen zone".
Many people love this ship because there is so much to do for the kids.  However, the thought of my kids running around on a ship with over 6000 guests (PLUS crew), makes me a little uneasy.  We might take them when they're in their older teens (there's a 5 year age difference between the oldest and youngest, so maybe when they're 17-15-12?).  I know the kids' programs are very secure and well run, but if I found the ship overwhelming, tiring, and huge at my age and cruising experience, then what would a 7 year old feel?

For more pictures, check out
This looks like a great site for "touring" other ships as well.  It organzies the pictures more by "theme" (ie:  kids' stuff) than by deck

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