Monday, September 9, 2013

The Allure of the Seas: Deck 16 Overview

Royal gets a little funny with the upper deck plans/floor numbering.  At the back of the ship, the top of the Flowrider is considered a different deck than the bottom of the Flowrider (which is at the same level as the mini-golf, and has open deck area that the plan doesn't really show you can get to).  Between the two Flowriders is another bar (surprise!), and the launch pad for the zip line.
 The Flowrider is almost always busy with spectactors and participants.  Check the schedule each day early to sign up.  The really neat time to go is late at night when the staff are practicing!
 Not busy at all!  During the day, due to the close location of the bar and the possibility of seeing some bathing suit mis-haps, this can be a rowdy spot.  But not at night.
 This is the zip line launch pad.  You stand on the white blocks after getting suited up.  They connect you, and you just step forward and take off.  Yikes.
 And this is where you "land".  There are foam blocks to cushion your landing.  You're supposed to make contact with that white ramp on the left and sort of "run" up it, but it took too long for my short legs to find the platform and I pretty much landed at the top LOL.
 Fun for everyone!
 Some are more brave than others, like this "thumbs up" dude!
 The view of what you're zipping over.  The take off is to the left, above the A in Allure.
The view from down below in the Aquatheater.  Can you see him, way up there?

Looking at the plans, it says you have to go down a deck to get across that gap.  It's not really a whole deck below, it's just the height of the Flowrider.
Across the gap is the Windjammer buffet restaurant.  A few floors higher than on the Freedom class, and you don't get quite the same rear views.  It also felt a little busy at times.  It didn't seem much bigger than the other Windjammers.  I guess Royal figures there's many more other food options on this ship that the Windjammer didn't need to be much bigger?
Usually when you board a Royal ship, you want to head straight to the Windjammer for lunch before it gets too busy, and your rooms aren't ready right away anyway.  This time, we got in our room right off, and it was early so we weren't ready for lunch!
I don't have pictures of the inside of the Windjammer, but from the Windjammer you can see cool things like these:

 Kitchen staff from the Norwegian Pearl trying out the hammocks reserved for the suite guests...
 The water slide ride on the Disney AquaDuck
And the sports court on the Pearl.

The rest of this deck is around the edges, open to the pools below.  There's two more bars in the middle, and then at the front is the Solarium Bar and front viewing areas.
This is where I get a little confused by the floor plan and my pictures.  The floor plan in the brochure leaves out a lot of doors.  And how to access the front deck on Deck 15, in front of the children's area.  I assumed that was just for the children, but the hallway does go to the front; it just doesn't show a door.  And when you look at the front of the ship:


See the captain's bridge at the front...if you click on the picture, you can see a person above it.  That looks like it should be this area in the photo, below:

 which I assumed, from the plans, was inaccessible and just the children's area.
This area below, is clearly the Solarium area, showing the top of the hot tub.

 This picture below shows the upper level of the solarium, and you can just see the pool.  However, that upper deck is all covered by glass, and the photo above shows no glass cover...

 Another view of the viewing platform.  I'm guessing that's actually deck 14.
Okay, I'm looking at the artist sketch of the ship in the brochure.  It doesn't show being able to go out over the sides of the bridge, and it looks like the area at the front of deck 14 is for children (the deck is shown with partitions, painted floors and says "Youth Program").  It shows the Solarium pool level, then the upper level which is at the roof of the hot tub, and then another level which isn't shown on the floor plan!  So, I'm calling this upper level deck 16 1/2, LOL!  I don't know if I have any pictures of that level!  Or if it really exists?  Well, on the cover of the 2013-2014 brochure, they show the front of the ship, and it does show another top level, with deck chairs.  And the front deck on 14 is totally open with no partitions or kid's stuff showing.  Confusing!

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