Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spewey Huey!

Another post from my knitting blog.   This time I've deleted the knitting content for here, and deleted the family content for the knitting blog.  This was August 28 2006.

I had another great kid quote the other day. So great, I was going to log in and just post it. But life happened, and now I can't remember what it was.

Spent last week in Bancroft at my parents. Saw lots of tornado damage from earlier in the month. I had phoned my parents that night to tell them of the tornado warning. They had just come inside to have dinner, like I expected, and knew nothing of the warning. Five minutes later the lights went out, and shortly after a tornado came across their pond, split into two-one between the two houses and one on the far side of the other house. No property damage, but damage to the gardens. They said it was very loud!
We've been having trouble with the kids getting car sick. Indeed, Huey spewed as we were coming through the Holland Marsh, before getting on the 400, thankfully. I hate pulling over on highways. Any type of highway. No one was sick on the way home, but man...they were NOT getting along. Lucy started calling Huey a baby, and it got PHYSICAL! Over top of Megan in the middle! Megan was very cranky on the way home. It seemed like a long long trip, especially as the rain started as I got on Highway 11 at Orillia.

While up in B'croft, we went blackberry picking. Megan likes blackberries. She also likes beets. Both on the same day made for a very pretty diaper! Lucy ate the bowl of blackberries as Dad was showing me the hunt camp he's been working at building. I wish I had the camera. Her eyes were big, and there was purple smears all over her face!

Got home on Friday and found out on Sat. that Rob's dad was in the hospital with a major infection. So we zipped off to Oshawa, and I played in Alexandra Park with the kids while Rob went in, then we all went in for a few minutes.

Lucy wants a hair cut! I think she's learned not to cut her own hair now!

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