Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things That Make Me Go Mmmmm?

I finally got around to signing Meg up for swimming lessons since we moved back here.  It's a fairly "new" facility, popular with young families (despite the lack of a family change room).  There is a "parent and tot" class before Meg's and one during her class.  I've noticed that a lot of the new moms (the babies have to be 6 months old) are quite slender, compared to the new moms I've seen in Orangeville.  Maybe cause there's way more fitness/health opportunities here.  Anyway, many of the moms of the older kids are quite slender too.  But of course, not all. 
For week 5, parents are invited to get in the pool with their child.  I thought this was a cool idea; we never had that in O'ville.  But what surprised me?  The skinny moms stayed on deck and the fluffy moms got in the pool.  Fascinating.

The other thing I've noticed?  The strollers.  OMG.  It's crazy!  Those babies, as I said, are 6+months, yet many of them come in, in the carseat in the stroller.   It's surprising, since the parking lot is not big, and they have to wait for a small elevator.  Not only that, but strollers are allowed on the pool deck (you have to go through the showers to get on deck, there's no way to stay dry!).  Some of these siblings of swimmers spend an hour (or more) in their carseats and/or stroller.  Some are bundled up for the outside weather.  It's not surprising that many of them are cranky!  And the ones that aren't cranky have a zoned-out look.  There is one toddler that is allowed to roam the deck, and he is the most happy, bubbly child there.  Co-incidence?

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