Friday, April 29, 2011

Your Local School Board

The local school board publishes a calendar full of lots of usefull info about the schools, and of course, multicultural awareness.  For example, for the month of May, here is the list of important days:

International Day of Families
International Day Against Homophobia
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
Victoria Day
Declaration of the Bab
National Missing Children's Day
Ascension of Baha u Ilah
Asion Heritage Month
South Asian Heritage Month
Speech Language Hearing Month

Mmmm.   See any familiar North American "holiday" missing for May?

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Cheryl said...

That's a pretty crazy list. When I read this though I laughed because it made me think of my friend that works up north in the middle of no where at a school. She told me about a time when they were asking the kids if they new the seasons. They answered, winter, spring, summer, fall and hunting season. I guess that wouldn't be on any calender here. lol.