Friday, April 15, 2011

Jason McCoy Concert

I don't remember listening to any particular type of music while growing up, we listened to just about anything it seemed. In high school, I was a strange mix of hippyness, rocker, 80s stuff, but no country. I had a good friend who did listen to/sing country and people teased him and called him "Dwight (Yoakum)" and "Randy (Travis)" and I never really understood who they were referring to. Later on, I started to date him, in June 1991, in the early days of "New Country" and I was in for some major eye opening...and ear opening, LOL. New Country was cool! The singers were hot! The jeans were tight! When we broke up in 1995, I kept listening to country, as well as popular music.

I don't know when I first heard of Jason McCoy. Surely I had heard of him before "The Road Hammers" (2005). Looking at his album/song list, his first was in 1989, before I knew about country. The first songs on the list that I recognize are from 1994-1995 (so why did he have a mullet?!) but I wasn't a big fan back then (I'll admit I wasn't; there was something holding me back...the mullet, the too slick sound combined with the mullet and forced styling?  Something just didn't jive with me.) The first song I really liked was "Still", from 2003. What a difference in those 9 years!

When I heard that he was having a "concert" here in Whitby, at a small dinner theater, I jumped at getting tickets. I had no idea what the show would be like...then I started watching his "Monday Minute" videos on YouTube and got more and more excited. It's a concert, but interactive. I still didn't know exactly what it'd be like until it started. We walked into the theater and to our table....FRONT ROW, off to the right. We later learned that it holds only 150 people for shows like this. Wow. The show is unlike a regular concert, and I suspect the small theater makes an impact too, much easier for audience interaction. We really loved the slide show of personal photos of his (and his wife's) youth. He's a great example of how you never know how someone will turn out during those awkward teen years, LOL. I wish I had gotten a photo of one of those screen shots, LOL. He started out singing along while his early videos played on the screen. It was awesome to see the contrast between the confident, handsome man on stage, and the young guy in the videos. I had guessed he was around my age, but watching those videos made me wonder when he had gotten his start, so I found him on Wikipedia and was stunned to see that while he was indeed my age, he was MUCH older than I thought in the early videos...around 25-27!
It just goes to show what an impact facial hair and dentistry can make! LOL (I'll admit I have a thing for country singers with facial hair....Tim McGraw and Gary Allan....oh my! Perhaps that's why I don't really remember Jason's early songs?).
Some parts of the show were interactive with video of other people. Here he is with Johnny Reid in the background. Now, you know he's not there live, and that Jason has done this "routine" at all the other concerts, but his personality REALLY shines and it sounds fresh and not contrived/routine at all. Jason is really funny! Not in a "Have you heard the one about...." but with a true love of life, ability to see life as funny, a quick wit, etc. Now, I will say, I was a little surprised at the number of seniors at the show, and perhaps some of the jokes about Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan went over their heads, but everything else was funny. It was great to see him interact with the audience.
Here's a short clip of Duelling Banjos (despite that he's not playing a banjo):

It was a fabulous show. I would have loved to hear even more music, but getting to "know" him a little bit more was also REALLY, REALLY cool. Not to mention just getting out with Rob for the night, LOL. If you get the chance, check out his YouTube channel and watch some of his Monday Minutes! Even better, go to a show! I can't guarantee that it'd be the same in a large theater, but music is music and it will still be great!

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