Thursday, April 28, 2011

Absorbant Minds

(How can I change the background colour of the typing area?  Not what shows once it's posted, but right now, the background is dark grey and I can't see the cursor).

Back at Christmas Meg was having a lot of trouble with getting to sleep.  Most nights she stayed up on the couch with me, while I watched TV.  I chose shows that were okay to watch while she was there, but hopefully, not too Dr. Oz.  What 5 year is going to watch, and absorb, Dr. Oz at 11:30pm?

Meg.  That's who. 

Last night I was cleaning her toilet with some cheap  children's shampoo.  She asked why I was using that shampoo.  I said cause it was cheap and not a good shampoo.  She says "Yeah, Dr. Oz says not to use watery type shampoo, you need to use creamy shampoos".

She can remember THAT, but not to not stand on the arm of the couch?!

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Cheryl said...

I love Meg. That story is priceless!