Friday, May 20, 2011


When we looked at this house, one thing we liked was the big, flat backyard.  Our last house had a good sized backyard that was very private, however, since we had seen it on a dark February night, we hadn't seen the slope in the back corner, or the amount of trees, bushes, garden, that took up the rest of the yard.  There was barely any play area, no where to put a pool, etc.  We had a hard time deciding between a new house with small, bare yard, or an older house with a big, mature, lot.  We would have liked more privacy, but that can come later.
One of the first things we needed to take care of was the roof.  While doing some work, Rob thought he'd re-shingle the shed.  Well.  He discovered that the shed was pretty much rotten and needed to be re-built.  Of course, the finished shed is way better than what was there.

Fall was then upon us, and then winter.  Spring came early, with a beautiful week in early March.  Perfect for ripping apart the incredibly badly built deck!
 The deck is a great size, although a little awkward.  It was just so poorly built that we couldn't live with it.  It was even bouncy!
The deck was built level with the doors, and in the covered section, Rob could almost touch his head on the roof, LOL.
In the picture below, you can see the new shed on the left, and the original raised gardens on the right, full of raspberries!

 This picture above, and the one below, show how poorly the deck was built, and why it felt springy.  The joists are just too far apart!

 This picture below, shows how a deck SHOULD be built (okay, it might be a little over built, but better safe than sorry!)

This picture below shows the view from the kitchen door and how the steps went down from the center of the long portion, so that if we put the table there, it'd be hard to get around it to the yard.  And the railing was unsafe and was blocking the view.
I'm finding it hard to move around pictures, and having the text be how I want it.  I'm writing this while Meg snoozes on the couch; she was up 1/2 the night sick.  I'll get to the finished deck pictures later; it's too hard to do it all at once.

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