Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ever see someone doing something and you just have to watch because it's mesmerizing to see someone so naturally gifted at something?

I was at Meg's swimming this morning, and I went upstairs to watch, like usual.  During her lesson time, there's also lane swimming.  There's usually only one or two women there, but today, it was busy, and my eyes  were immediately drawn to a man doing laps.  It's rare to see a man there, but this man must have been born in the water.  He was so smooth and even and it looked effortless.  He wasn't going fast, just a steady front crawl.  He was obviously in excellent shape.  I did notice that he wasn't using his legs much, but thought maybe he was focusing on his awesome arms.  Then when he got down towards my end again and did that crazy little flip thing "real" swimmers do, I noticed something blue and white bobbing/around his legs.  I didn't notice it while he was swimming at first.  I couldn't help but watch him swim a few laps; the difference between him and the lappers was enormous (especially compared to the men and women in the slow lane doing the breast stroke....that's got to be the least sexy stroke, LOL).

Then, I noticed something.  He was missing his lower left leg!  The blue and white floaty thing was giving him extra buoyancy I guess.  It didn't matter, I was impressed when I first saw him.  I've always wanted to be a better swimmer, and I thought I might do laps while Meg did her lesson, but I'm both inspired by him, and reluctant to look like a dork.  LOL.

I saw him after we came out, with a pretty wife and two well behaved small kids and a cute little Mini.  Some people are just naturally blessed!   Have you ever seen someone like this?  I also felt this way during the Jason McCoy concert and watching  his McCoy Monday Minute videso on YouTube.  Doesn't hurt that both these men are easy on the eyes :)

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