Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Backyard Part 2

The new deck was built a step lower, so we opted not to put a railing.

 The new deck is a little bit narrower, so that the basement window is now exposed.
 Part of the old raised raspberry beds.  Like most things here, it was poorly built.  At the other end, next to the compost, we discovered a wasp nest, in between the ties.  Not just any old wasps, but mean, nasty ones that stung you for just standing in the backyard.  It took several attempts to get rid of them, and in doing so, the ties all came out.
 The old deck had some cheap trellis sheets to "block" the view.  Rob built a solid wall with these cedar adjustable panels.  That's our baker's rack, which we bought when we bought our first house.   There's not really anywhere inside that it fits, but it's turned out to be really handy though.
 We got new patio furniture, and found it got too sunny, so we bought curtains to hang, however, they were so lightweight that they mainly blew around.  For the winter, we brought the furniture inside and it made a nice setting in our "living" room.  We bought that tree in memory of my aunt, and we put in a couple other trees too.
 Here's the raspberry bed after the ties were taken out.  Unfortunately, Skippy found them delicious.
This is the first replacement box.  A little higher, and with a wide edge to sit on.  Hopefully the next box gets built soon.  I saved as many baby raspberries as I could, there might not be many berries this summer, but hopefully they revive.
I don't have a picture of the hot tub, but it's on an angle, on the flagstone patio in front of the left side of the deck.  I'm not keen on it being on an angle, LOL, but it works for the lid, shade, access, etc.
There's still some more things to do in the yarn, we'd like some seating at the back, the kids want a trampoline or pool, LOL, but we love the yard!

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