Saturday, March 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

I had a yoghurt last night. Astro "Smooth & Fruity". It was vanilla flavour. Since when is vanilla a fruit?

Lucy went to a classmate's 5th birthday party. She came home with a home-made CD of "Audra's 5th Birthday Party Songs". I read the title list. "Had a Bad Day" "I'm Too Sexy" "(I Don't Like Your) Girlfriend" "Shake Your Booty".....I'm thinking, how am I going to explain what 'too sexy' means to a five year old?! Turns out that one (and others) were THE CHIPMUNKS!! (Lucy calls them 'squirrels'). How do you explain sexy in relation to a chipmunk?

The kids like yoghurt "Tubes". They come in opaque plastic tubes. They have artificial colours. Dudes, you can't see the colours unless your two and you spin yourself around in a circle really fast while holding the Tube in your hand instead of your mouth.

How come the pizza can arrive in 40 minutes during a blizzard, but it takes the plow 40 hours?


~Debbi~ said...

We eat Horizon Organic or Stonyfield Farms Organic yogurt tubes every morning on the way to school. My child loves them. Does not care that the blueberry flavor is light pink and the strawberry flavor is also light pink. Because, like you said, it's right in his mouth, not under his eyes! They're very good, have no artificial anything, and, most importantly, are fast. Whole Foods used to sell organic applesauce tubes (from Walnut Acres, I believe), but I haven't found them in ages. Those were a great car snack, too!

Yay tubes!

Anonymous said...

The pizza guy arrives faster because he typically gets paid less than the Municipal worker! Isn't that interesting??