Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm always talking about what a handful Megan is. She's exuberant, full of life, inquisitive, and energetic. And to think, in the early days, we were concerned about her passiveness, LOL.

On Wednesday morning, we were making squares on top of the stove. She was playing at the counter next to the stove. The stove is one of my 'non-negotiables'. I don't even like them touching the stove when it's not on....I don't want them to forget it could be hot at any time. I tell them all to not touch it, probably every day. I had finished the cooking part (on medium), and turned off the burner. I had poured in the corn flakes, and stirred it all up for several minutes. I usually put the kettle onto a still-hot burner, but didn't this time. It only takes 'one time'. I turned to the other counter, and Megan screamed. She has a long, painful blister on the palm of each hand. She has been very good about not bothering them; I had kept loose gauze on her hands, but she's figured out how to take that off, LOL.

Then, we got news that there had been an electrical fire in the basement of Lucy's "Kinderpak" (the building that is separate from the school and houses the kindergarten class). She was given the option of going for her afternoon class in the library, or staying home. She was very upset that her Crocs were in the Kinderpak and would have to stay there for a week; so she stayed home that afternoon.

After a messy dinner, I planned to give Megan a bath. I stopped to watch a few minutes of the news, and all the local flooding. Suddenly Megan runs in screaming; something hanging in her month. It dropped on the floor and I realized it was a tooth, root and all. OMG. I don't do well with gory things. She was pretty hysterical, and of course, wanted her pacifier. I finally gave in and let her have it; figuring that if it hurt, she'd take it out. We got a hold of one of our dentists, and her and I headed out.

It was the front tooth, and they don't put baby teeth back in. It can fuse to the jawbone, making it hard for the adult tooth to come in. The dentist took an x-ray, and the other tooth appears unharmed, but we won't know for sure for awhile. All three kids are AWESOME at the dentist, and Megan had been asking lately to go herself, LOL (if you're wondering how a mostly non-verbal child asks this, LOL, both Lucy and I had dentist appointments this week so I had told her). Megan was quite excited to be in the chair herself this time! She was really, really good; having calmed down before we went. Even the x-ray went fine. She got 5 stickers AND 2 things from the toybox!

Last night, I asked Megan what happened. She took me to the entrance of the computer room, and pointed to the corner of opening....right where there was a dark red her mouth height. She's had a few troubles eating, but is otherwise doing good. Daddy and I are having a hard time though :)


Anonymous said...


It must be a genetic thing. Nya went head first into the coffee table the other day and I was sure a tooth would be gone. Only blood... then Mum told me about Megan. Yikes! She looks cute regardless. You better work on a good Tooth Fairy reimbursement plan for that one... that one might be worth a dollar!

She has really changed, especially the long hair. She is starting to look more like Lucy but still the stronger match to Hugh. I wish we were closer so we could see you guys more. Thanks for sharing!

Love Lou.

Brooke said...

Yikes!! She looks really cute with the missing tooth :)

Cheryl-lynn said...

poor thing was having such a hard week. Hope next week is better for your household. She's so younge to have such a bad burn. They are so painful.