Thursday, April 24, 2008


Rob always says he has bad luck "I'll lose my job just before we need to renew the mortgage; it's just my luck" But, I say, you've never lost a job before! However, one place he does have bad luck is his bank cards. More than once he has left them in the bank machine. And at least twice before his bank card has been fraudulently copied and used.

And now, AGAIN!! We heard on the radio this morning that there was a big scam operation in Newmarket (40 minutes east, but we don't go there very often--once a year maybe) where a pinhole camera was installed on (a) RBC bank machine(s). Being that we're not far from Newmarket; just up the highway; and that RBC's security department discovered the issue with his card, it's quite likely that it's the same operation. They tried one account, but there wasn't much money in it, LOL, but the other accessible account had a bunch of $$ cause Rob had put money in to cover a big cheque that hadn't been cashed yet. I wonder why he keeps getting targetted. I don't think he comes across as potentially having a well padded bank account, LOL, but I guess once they get into the accounts and find that one has money it doesn't matter.

So, be extra careful when using ATMs! And for all of you that are scared of using the Internet to buy things, or on-line banking......


Sanjay said...

The rest of my life I say he's never lost a job before.

Laura McIntyre said...

Thats scary , we once had £6,000 (about $12,000) stolen from our bank account (which was thankfully noticed straight away and put back).