Monday, December 2, 2013

Two Minutes

Originally posted on Nov 11/2006 on my knitting blog.  I haven't checked the links, but if they don't work, just google :)

My aunt is an email forwarder. You know those types. I love her dearly, but I am not an email forwarder and I apologize now to everyone who has had bad luck because I've broken the chain :)

She sent another one this week. "After witnessing an episode where one man in a supermarket (it's also been reported to be in a Shopper's Drug Mart) loudly demanded to be served during a November 11th two minute silence, Terry Kelly went home and composed this song. Someone has expanded it into this short video. Terry, who is a blind Canadian, is currently touring in New Zealand. He is currently a member of the National Board of CNIB. " That was the content of the email, with an attachment that our antique computer couldn't open.

Now, I love music. Studied it in university. I'd rather listen to unfamiliar music than silence. And I'm proud, in a Canadian way, to be Canadian. But I've got to admit, sometimes Canadian music can be ...rough around the edges? Cheesey? Especially theme/charity type songs.

This morning I was listening to Barrie's rock station, 95.7FM as I took Huey to school. They were talking about a Red Rally today to support the Canadian Troops. They talked about this Terry Kelly and the song. Ho Hum I thought.

Oh. My. Soul.

This is one of the best Canadian songs I have heard in a long time. Beautifully written, produced, and sung. While it has a definite East Coast/Maritime folk feel, Terry's voice is distinctly Canadian and distinctively good. It reminded me of ..oh shoot...the Edmond Fitzgerald guy.
I'm not known for being an outwardly emotional gal, but I was glad it was just me (and the kids) in the truck.

When I got home, I tried to find the song on the internet. I found his website and lyrics. Click on Pittance of Time on the left. If you know more about MP3 than me (and that would mean just about everyone out there), you might be able to hear the song.

So, remember. Tomorrow, November 11, 11:00AM. Shush.

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