Monday, December 23, 2013

More Oldies

Originally posted Dec 1/2006 on my knitting blog

I Killed the Ducky
For Lucy's birthday, I got her a lot of little things. One was a "Grow Your Own Ducky". I thought it was like those little pills with the sponge shape in it, that you throw in the bath and the pill dissolves and the sponge grows. This wasn't in a pill, but you put it in water, and over 3 days it grows. That's a long 3 days for kids. The water was getting a little gross looking on the second day, so I thought the ducky would like some fresh water. I don't recall anywhere on the package it saying "Don't use hot water". Right before our eyes I killed the duck. The orange bits are his bill, the rest of him was a bright yellow. Sad, but funny.

We have two local (Orangeville, Ontario) papers, and one of them prints two great columns each week. One by folk/children's entertainer Eric Nagler who happens to live up here, and the other by Gordon Kirkland who lives out west. This week Mr. Kirkland did another installment of his recent experience with selling his condo and moving. But this paragraph made me laugh:

As I have said many times before, I know that no matter what, the meager fact that I am the husband in this relationship means that Diane will always have a logical reason for doing absolutely anything. Any doubts that I might have about the rationale will be wrong, because if a man speaks in the forest of a marital relationship and there is no one there to hear him, he is still wrong.
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Tonight is Rob's company Christmas Party. They used to big elaborate affairs, with hired entertainment and goofy things that no one really cared about (except for thinking how they would have rather had a larger bonus, than fake papparazzi pretending to take guests pictures when you entered). I used to take all week to get ready. Do the toenails, the fingernails, a facial, shop for a dress/shoes, tweeze the brows...This year...well, I did my hair on Tuesday night and my brows on Wednesday. On Wednesday night in bed, Rob asked me what I was planning to wear (I didn't go last year, and there wasn't one the year before, so it's been a while). I said "I don't know." He got worried, LOL. So this morning I tried on everything I own and decided on the Burgundy dress I have worn for many events in the past 8 years. It fits again :) I've really got my $35 out of that purchase, LOL. Sometimes you CAN be frugal and cheap at the same time.

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