Monday, December 16, 2013


And because she's just so darn cute:
She helped herself to the leftover pizza in the fridge! And this is Meggie with her Grandpa (my Dad).

This giant bear was from Grandma and Granddad with the Pear Trees for Megan's birthday. I know she looks a little frightened here, but she really loves it now. She loves most stuffed animals, but hasn't had one for her own until now. It takes up about a third of her crib. Then I realized she could easily climb out (or, more likely, fall out) on top of it.
Oh, speaking of falling...last night Megan fell into Lucy's bath. Fresh jammies and diaper on of course. It's never when she actually needs a bath, LOL.

This was originally posted on my knitting blog, Nov 28, 2006.  Meg had just turned one, Lucy was 4, and Hugh was 6.  Ahhh.  The good old days...

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