Monday, December 2, 2013


Originally posted on Nov 19/2006 on my knitting blog

Not much going on. Bought a new sofa and a loveseat last night at IKEA. What we really need is an entertainment unit. We went to IKEA in early October to look at them. Rob wanted an Ektorp sofa. Our futon and loveseat, while used heavily are still okay. I have no where to put things like candles/plants/pretty things. I don't have the piano in the house anymore, and we gave back the china hutch, so I have no where to put things out of kid reach. We looked back then and liked something. We looked in the catalogue.
We went back to IKEA a few weeks ago with the trailer, intent on getting the entertainment unit. Rob decided we should wait and measure the walls and see just where it's going to go.
We went BACK to IKEA last Sunday (as well as to Idomo) but didn't take the trailer. The Ektorp line is on sale--buy one, get one half price. I really want the leather one, but it's not part of the sale. We agree to buy the Ektorps instead of the entertainment unit (hoping it comes on sale too).
So we GO BACK TO IKEA LAST NIGHT to buy the Ektorp sofa and loveseat. I really like the chaise, but it's too 'weird' for Rob. We've been married nine years, and have bought 2 chairs in that time (besides a few little things). Everything else is inherited, hand-me-down, or bought used/Freecycled. It's time for grown up furniture. Even though the grown ups are out-numbered, LOL.

That couch (and covers) did NOT last very well. Springs have poked through the couch cover (not the separate, decorator cover), and this wore holes into the separate cover. Something on the frame of the loveseat broke. When you sit on the couch, you really sink down now. We inquired about getting it replaced, since it has a 10 year warranty. Well. You have to take the couch and loveseat to the store and they'll decide if it'll be fixed or replaced!! So, we never did.

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