Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Graduation Time!

The first day of JK, September 2006! Age THREE! Shy and scared. The first day of SK, September 2007. She ran off to her friends and I had to call her back for a photo!

Lucy graduates from Kindergarten, June 2008! With the principal, Mrs. Gilewski:

In the processional to get the 'diplomas':

The stage show: To Lucy's left, is Lillian (in yellow). She's a JK. On Lucy's right is Jessica, and then Serra. They are two of the oldest in the class (Serra's birthday is early Jan), and Lucy is one of the youngest. Basically, Lucy turned 4 in early November (of JK), and then 2 months later, Serra turned 5, so they are 14 months apart, but in the same class!

Once again, Meg wanted to be a part of it. It was cute until she actually got on stage!

Lucy and her teacher for the two years, Mrs T:

Mrs T is an awesome teacher. Kind, empathetic, patient, but not a push-over, and not too silly (you know the typical image of kindergarten teachers with their themed outfits and high voices? Not Mrs T). Kindergarten is serious stuff now, Lucy could read better at the end of JK than Huey could at the end of SK (he had only the one year). But it's also fun, and Mrs T created the perfect mix!

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