Thursday, June 19, 2008


Megan had her last speech therapy of her second 'block' (group of 10 sessions, this time only 8 though). She hadn't fallen asleep on the way over, and was quite chipper and active. We got new words, and another three word sentence! She has done SO well over the past 8 weeks! I still feel a bit cheated that none of my kids learned to talk on 'schedule' and with ease, but that's okay---it keeps her seeming like a baby for a bit longer :) She's got a cold right now and is not sleeping well again, but the new medicine I'm on for the arthritis helps to keep the immflamation I get when I don't sleep enough, under control.
I just wish we could go back to nice, somewhat predictable weather! I'm not one to complain about I won't, LOL, I just wish for 'real' June weather again. One more week of school and then summer break, but it feels more like March Break!!

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