Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life With Meg!

About two months ago Meg radically changed her sleep habits. No more (regular, predictable) naps. Later nights as well! How is it that the most active child is also the one who sleeps the least?

Lets look at today. The girls played Play Dough. It's one of the FEW things Meg will play with for more than five minutes. But, it's messy, although not an issue. Later, they wanted to paint. So, I said, let me vacuum up the Play Dough, then you can paint. While I'm vacuuming, I hear the kids screaming. I stop. Meg is on top of the microwave, trying to get the paint out of the top cupboards. I get her down, the keep vacuuming. I go to move the plug, and see that she spilled the box that holds all the little playing pieces for games. I ignore that as I hear another ruckus in the kitchen. Meg is back on the chair, heading for the microwave, but has peed her pants. I clean that up, then vacuum again. I turn around, and she is pouring herself water from the fridge dispenser. Caught that potential disaster in time and sent her off. Get the table scrubbed and go to get the paints. Huey yells that Meg has my MP3 player that has been plugged into the computer. I rescue that, get the paints out. She paints for less time than I have been typing (and I am a touch typist), all the while Lucy is screeching at her because she's not doing it right. I got the TV on Huey's channel after kicking him off here, and now he's saying Meg won't let him watch TV and I'm not letting him do anything fun. All this in under 20 minutes.

Sigh. Fun, like, behead and slice the two baskets of strawberries in the fridge that he and Lucy insisted we pick? Fun, like, clean up from lunch? Fun, like, fold all the laundry I couldn't fold while I had to sit out front watching the girls play and scream at each other? Fun Fun Fun!!! Only 8 1/2 more weeks to go! Please pardon me if I'm not posting too often or I sound a little frazzled or worn out, LOL. While it's nice to not have to go to the school three times a day, there are trade offs! But, I am determined that this will be a FUN summer, and I will NOT let three kids and the house defeat me!
But please, check in on me occasionally if I've been a little quiet. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

It takes awhile to readjust to everyone being home together. I certainly remember that. It seems that by the time you get into a rhythm it is time to pack everyone off to school again. It doesn't help to hear this, but you will miss all this terribly when they are older.
Anne in the U.S.