Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Jennifer's comment has prompted me to confess the real reason I like a longer drop on my duvet. We always had queen size duvets on our double bed (we each have our own duvet), and while our old mattress had a 'plush' top, thick by 10 year old standards, it wasn't all that thick so the queen duvet would hang nicely over the side. Why do I need it to hang low? I don't like my sheets tucked in! Partly because I like to roll up all cozy, and partly because I'm just plain lazy. I'm the only one who uses the sheet, why tuck it in when I'm just going to pull it out? I'm not a big bed making freak, but if I did center the duvet, you'd see the sheets, even if I did tuck them in. And you'd see the sheet covering the box spring. I think it just looks nicer having the duvet come down to the boxspring. And it's easier and to me, that's the important thing, LOL. Lazy lazy lazy. I know. But hey, acknowledging it is the first step to recovery, eh?

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