Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sleeping Beauties

Originally published October 23, 2006 on

Meggie is on the verge of walking. She can get up and down from a squat, lets go of whatever she's holding on to, and does a shuffle step, once....

 And she is becoming a Daddy's girl finally :) I went out twice on the weekend, and came home to these images.

And this from someone who says I'm going to spoil her by holding her while she falls asleep!  (I cannot get Blogger to put them in the middle.  Ugh).

Huey got sent to the office! He spat milk in the face of his friend. Had no reason why he did it. He's really behind on 'sight words' and breaking up words to sound out more than the first sound. He doesn't even remember 'an' from one page to the next, even though the entire sentence is repeated ("Is this an insect?").
And Miss Lucy....ever since she started school, she's been one grumpy gal. At first, it was cause she was sick, but it's still going on. Attitude! Oh man, what a little screamer/whiner/complainer now. I think part of it is a continual lack of sleep. I feel the same way :) Or it could be cause she's about to turn 4, and she's going through a developmental phase that sometimes happens in the months before a birthday. Still so little, but wanting to be a big girl.

We went to a family farm business to go pumpkin picking. Lots of fun, but shocker at the cash register: $29 for 3 pumpkins of assorted sizes and one small gourd! Photos at a later still takes forever to download the photos!

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