Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Megan's First Steps!

Originally published October 25, 2006 on

Megan walked! For the past couple days, she's been able to take a shuffle step, but today, she put together about 6 little shuffle steps to go from point A to point B (the tub of markers). I was trying to take her sleepers off, and they were still around her feet--she looked like a prisoner in ankle irons, shuffling along :)
I told Rob last night she'd be walking by the end of the week and he didn't believe me!
I must transfer all the Christmas footage from the video camera to tape tonight! LOL. So all my kids have walked before they turned a year old. But Megan's the only one who hasn't yet visited the ER, LOL. Some nights I've wanted to, and if she was my first I probably would have, but I know there's no point. She's still so tiny looking. She's the oldest at 'Story Time', most are 3-4 months old--and most are as big as her. And because they're shorter, they actually are chubbier than her! And some of their heads look gigantic too, but Megan's proved she's got some smarts :) She knows how to slide open the baby gate and sneak upstairs. I'm not sure those are the smarts I want her to have, but oh well, LOL.

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