Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meg's Big Day

In early April 2008, Meg had a horrible day. First she burnt her hands on the stove. Then she ran into a corner and knocked out her front tooth. This picture was a day or so later, after she started to heal.Tonight, Meg lost her first baby tooth by natural means:

It hadn't been loose for too long, we noticed it last week, but tonight after school, she did something with her water bottle and it made it really wiggly.

I went out shopping, and when I came in the driveway I saw a BIG raccoon scrounging in our Green Bin. It went up between the houses and I ran in to tell the kids, and Meg starts yelling that she lost her tooth! The kids were able to see the raccoon out the laundry room door, so everyone was happy.

I'm happy comparing these two photos--the top one really shows what happens with pacifier use, and I'm really glad to see her jaws straightening out. The dentist said her adult teeth were getting really close, LAST March and she's due to go again! When she lost the top one, she was still small for her age, and everyone noticed this cute little girl missing a top tooth (they rarely fall out first!). But by the time she was 4, she was huge for her age, so most people just thought it was normal (it's not). Now, she's finally back to 'normal' LOL. (It's 10:25pm and she's colouring a picture in front of me...)

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