Thursday, February 25, 2010

March 2009

Back to the Year in Review.
In March I took the kids to "Grandma and Grandpa with the Pond" in Bancroft, so I could use their wonderful laundry room to dye t-shirts for the kid's school; for them to use as 'uniforms' during sports games. In the end, I had to do some at home in the washing machine, and I think they worked better and were certainly less tiring than standing in front of a sink, stirring heavy wet cotton shirts with a big stick. The kids' school has a monthly assembly and every month they acknowledge a certain character trait that they want to encourage. They try to work it so that every child gets at least one 'award' at some point through the year. As well, they give awards to children that either have significant improvement in core subjects, or a B average in core subjects on their report cards. During March, both Lucy and Huey got awards.

Hugh also got a piece of artwork put on display, in the FRONT hall of the school! It was made in early fall, and was to be a self-portrait, without the use of scissors. Huey had been wearing a Spiderman t-shirt that day. The art was taken down before the end of school and an email to the principal asking if we could get it back went unanswered :(

Buster, the dog, is obviously very fond of a particular spot on the loveseat at Grandma's. Although she looks ....dead? Meg was actually asleep and didn't notice Buster trying to get comfy.

We waited patiently through March about Rob's job interview at OPG. They had said they'd know by mid-March, and finally on March 26 (the interview was Feb 10), they offered the job to him! They said security clearance could take 6-8 weeks, so we set a tentative start date of early June. I started planning a family party for early June too, LOL. We had our real estate agent come over, and boy, was she surprised to hear from us! We had been in the house for less than 3 years, and it had taken over 3 years to find it! She was not optimistic about the housing market, but we felt that if needed, we could hold on, as Rob could live with his parents. We wanted the kids to finish school in Orangeville anyway, and we thought maybe we could spend the summer in Bancroft, leaving our house empty and pristine, for showings. There was no rush, as technically, Rob didn't actually have the job yet! But we re-did the kitchen floor and our agent recommended someone for the carpeting. He came and did an estimate, and mentioned he was also a real estate agent. Rob asked him how much our house was worth, which threw him off guard a little, LOL. He came back for another walk through with his agent's hat on, and prepared some comparables for us. But really, we didn't like him as much as our agent that we had been using since Sept. 2002. Stay tuned for more real estate/new job sagas!

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