Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This blog has been delayed due to technical difficulties!
I decided after starting the 2009 year in review, that I would upload the photos in reverse order so that when Blogger puts them in the working window, they would be in the right order. However, at about the same time, I started a massive re-arrangements of my photos. When we first started using digital photography, I wasn't sure how I wanted them organized. I made separate folders for each of the kids, one for the family, and then added folders for particular events...but then I'd be faced with the question...does this go in Meg's folder, or the family folder? Etc. I decided a couple months ago to just keep my knitting/sewing etc pictures separate and start just using the monthly folders. Then I had to go back through the other folders, and make many new ones, to put the old pictures into the correct month. To add to the difficulty, when we transferred the pictures from our old computer to this one in Nov. 07, most of those pictures did not keep their 'taken on' date info. Some pictures I had dated as their file name, some were of particular events and I could easily remember the month, but there were some that were too general---Huey in the sprinkler at Grandma's.
And then...Rob decided to 'optimize' the computer's viewing system and now all the pictures show up as photo icons instead of the actual photo thumbnail. And since I stopped naming most pictures, I have to open each picture to find out what it is.

So, until we get that sorted out, just keep up with me on Facebook, LOL.

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