Wednesday, March 3, 2010

April 2009

So, April started out wonderful--we had a massive snowstorm April 6/7: And then it proceeded to turn quite warm:

Meg and Iggy, my brother's iguana who was 'staying' at our parents.

In Bancroft (Ontario) for Easter, they have an 'egg hunt'. They go around the big park and throw mini chocolate eggs into the grass/snow/bushes. The year before, Easter was in late March, and there was still a lot of snow. You could see the metallic foil of the eggs quite easily, but I'm sure lots still got lost, LOL. This year, there was no snow.
Easter 2008 (below)...note the seasonal footwear choices, LOL!
We found this adorable potato:

April was a very busy month for activities. Meg had story time, speech therapy, swim lessons, and in-home pre-school readiness sessions. The concert band I was in had two concerts and all the prep that goes along with that. Huey and Lucy also had swim lessons. I wrapped up April with two crazy days--dentist, pre-school session, swim lessons for Huey and Lucy one day, then Meg had swimming lessons, a visit out of town with an OT, back to town for storytime, and then a concert on the last day of April.

Rob filled out his security clearance forms, and they were rather interesting. For some jobs, you had to fill out parts if anyone in your family had been out of the country in the past two years. We were concerned with one section that wanted a reference from someone in your neighbourhood that you've known for 3 years. Well, we hadn't even lived there for 3 years yet! Mid-April Rob suggested July 6 as a start date. He didn't want to give notice to Husky until the clearance was official, and at that point, he wanted to give 4 weeks notice (that eventually turned to 2 weeks, LOL).

And Rob finally finished the cabinet we had gotten through Freecycle. I had nearly choked when the giver said it was an antique because it was about 40 years old. LOL. It had been built in Hanover, which is north a ways from Orangeville, then it spent time somewhere, with her father-in-law, then her husband got it and took it to Brazil (where he met her), and they had just returned from about 7 years in Brazil to Orangeville and she didn't think it fit their decor. Well, gee, I don't think it'd fit anyone's decor these days, but we had visions! I initially wanted woven caning in the doors, cause I wanted it more opaque, but the glue Rob used to adhere the caning to a board to make it stiff enough, didn't work out. So, we went with glass. I keep meaning to find some paper or fabric to put behind the etched glass. Or maybe I should get some spray paint? Here's the before picture:And that pretty girl is Lucy--Meg is surely that tall now--that shirt is too small on her!

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