Monday, May 12, 2008


For Rob's 40th birthday, I decided to surprise him with a new bed, and bedroom reno. Bed shopping with two little girls was SO much fun (NOT), and somehow Lucy was actually able to keep it a surprise.

First thing to do once Rob left for work on the Friday was to patch a strange spot in the wall. It appears that the old owners took out the cold air return near the floor and put it up higher. They never repaired it, just nailed (using finishing nails) a piece of drywall in.

I thought I had done a pretty good repair, until the paint went on, then of course, you could see that it needed a bit more work. Oh well, we tried, and the girls helped :)

This is the 'old' colour, a flat light blue, very poorly painted. It grew on us during the time we've lived here, but I was also really drawn to all intensities of turquoise, mixed with beige and dark brown. The combo reminds me of the beach in St. Marten. This picture is of before we started painting. Even though we liked the blue walls, something wasn't right about the room. I think it was because we had no bedding that looked good; most of it was burgandy because of our last bedroom.
I don't remember, but I think this is before we starting painting too.
I wasn't able to send the kids anywhere, or get a babysitter to come in, so it was hard for me to do a lot. I wanted to do the baseboard painting though cause, well, I'm younger than my parents (who had come to help!).

You can see the new wall colour---very similiar to the old colour, but with a bit more turquoise feel, and a MUCH better finish.

Someone loves her Momma :)

The new bed arrived Saturday afternoon, and it seems a little higher than the one in the store! That new hanging light is probably one of my most favourite parts of the new room. We didn't realize that there were no ceiling lights upstairs when we bought the house. Rob said, at first, that he could wire some in. As time as gone on, that turned into "I don't know, it depends on a lot of things...." and then "I don't think I want to do that". So I bought a pretty lightshade (SO hard to find in this town!!!) and my dad wired it up so it plugs into the outlet that is run off the wall switch beside the door. So, with a flick of a switch, now the room is lit up :)

Stay tuned for the finished results tomorrow!


Brooke said...

And when your done, you can come to MY house and paint :)

Cheryl-lynn said...

Oh my, this is what we were suppose to come help you with. I'm so sorry we didn't make it but glad your parents did. You did an amazing job in all. You should be very proud of yourself because it is so much work. I painted the bathroom, upstairs hall, downstairs hall, laundry room and started the living room all on my own at my parents. It was a lot more then I bargined for. I painted and then spunched to. ick!

~Debbi~ said...

Wow, what a project for you to tackle mostly single-handedly! Good for you. That's exactly the kind of help I'd get - a child climbing on my back. Bless you for not tossing her out that window! I love painting, let me know when I should snowshoe up north to Candidaland to know, whenever y'all get indoor plumbing. Gosh - Karen's rubbed off on me!