Monday, May 26, 2008

Sling Fabrics

I'm posting pictures of the sling fabric I have here, instead of in the Freecycle group's photo album, because here, I can write more details! Top Row: Bright pink corduroy (I think, can't remember)--pouch; Leopard print knit, stretchy, backed with something else or reversible--pouch; strange green--see next photo
Bottom Row: Bright green with paisley's, some stretch--pouch or ring sling; lightweight muted paisleys--ringsling or reversible/two sided non-stretch pouch; lilac paisley--see next photo

Green fabric has a bit of gold printed on it. It's actually a long length of one print, then it changes to the other print, so it would make a good non-stretch reversible pouch, or maybe a ring sling depending on where the pattern change falls.

Pink paisley fabric is lightweight, some stretch, great for a ring sling or backed with something for a pouch.

Top Row--Red brocade, heavier, not reversible (would need to be backed with something to make it reversible, or the wrong side will show), suitable for pouch only, or a Mei Tai. Green Fur--thought this would look good with the bright green paisley in the top photo for a pouch, or backed with something like a quilter's cotton for a pouch.

Bottom Row--black faux fur, backed with something for a pouch, or the inside of a Mei Tai; Beige/blue plaid--this is a fine, soft, slightly stretchy corduroy that is smooth on one side. Would make a great pouch, single layer.

Also available, but photo shy---dark brown fleece--one layer pouch or backed with something for a reversible pouch; dark brown corduroy---one layer pouch or backed with something; chocolate brown with dusty pink on back side--reversible pouch only; bright pink with retro flowers (what I made the SSC in last summer; on my other blog), canvas; for a Mei Tai body only; very retro purple/pink print canvas, for Mei Tai body only, two different denims, one light colours, one dark, for Mei Tai body only. For all these Mei Tai's I also have plush fake fur for the insides (or use one of the ones in the pictures).

If you want to supply material, a slightly stretchy (3% lycra) works well for a pouch or ring sling; if it's lightweight and you want a pouch it'd need a backing fabric (a plain quilter's cotton or light twill, or another layer of the same material to keep the stretchiness). Fleece works great as one layer. Athletic mesh works great for a water sling, but I need to order small rings; you can also have a pouch made. I have made one reversible pouch with a funky print knit fabric, great for smaller summer babies.

Just let me know if you have any questions about slings!

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